We design beautiful things with luxury and the chinese in mind. 



People tend to ask the same question throughout history, "Where are we heading?". In the industry of fashion there is always a pressure to stay relevant, fashion designers have always been seen as trend creators but evidence clearly shows in the 21st Century that trends are dying and individuality prevails. Those in fashion do not typically have skills in designing software, until now.

人們往往會問同樣的問題在歷史上, “我們將走向何方? ” 。在業內人士的時尚總是有壓力,保持相關性,時裝設計師一直被視為潮流的創造者,但有證據清楚地表明該趨勢正在死去和個性盛行的21世紀。這些時尚通常不會在設計軟件的技能,直到現在。


Most of the photography are 100% 3D Rendered. 



Creative Consulting 藝術諮詢

Find out more about our work with companies and how we used fashion to come up with real marketing and product solutions.


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Virtual Reality Design 虛擬設計 

Ready to step into the future of ecommerce and retail shopping? Check out our portfolio of experience simulations.


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