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Adrienne Wu (Adrienne Francis Wu Ming Bong | 胡明邦 ) born on 9 August 1990 in Burlington, Ontario, is a Canadian Fashion Designer. In 2015, Wu came out as Neutrois (Non-Binary) Transgender on their youtube channel, began going by gender-neutral pronouns and advocating with Toronto's (SOY) Supporting Our Youth organization. 

Wu's self-taught work began in 2008 with 50 dresses being posted on social media that lead to opportunities in producing fashion shows and collections across Canada. Vancouver, Ottawa, and Toronto Fashion Week offered corporate collaborations with Margaret Atwood, a show at the National Gallery, and Freed Development's Fashion House Condos. Since transitioning, Wu has focused design through fleecer.ca a wearable technology company, @wumingbong on Youtube a transgender and non-binary advocacy platform, as well as a column on Huffington Post exploring queer theory, transgender studies, and transhumanism. Current projects include a collaboration with art critique and researcher Matthew Grimm @grimmxwu on Instagram which explores the crosses between Meta-Modernism and Post-Humanism.