WWW.FLEECER.CA (Formally known as Adrianian Canadian) (Jan 2014 - Present)

The anti-Bacterial Scarf, Modular Homeware and Lifesuit available at FLEECER.ca 抗菌圍巾,模塊化的家居用品和LIFESUIT可在FLEECER.CA

Currently still a work in progress. 正在進行中目前仍在工作。


The Conservative Mens Collection (Oct 2013)

Our first mens collection 我們的第一個男子收集

Made with 100% cotton children's fabric. 採用100 %棉兒童織物。



Dystopia Collection (Oct 2012)

An entire dress collection made out of POLYURETHANE 關於整禮服集合進行了聚氨酯的

Shown at World MasterCard Fashion Week. 顯示在世界萬事達卡時裝週。


Hierarchy of Needs Collection (June 2012)

The collection where all the models wore v for vendetta Masks 在所有的模特穿著V字仇殺隊口罩收集

Shown at World MasterCard Fashion Week. 顯示在世界萬事達卡時裝週。


Creatures of the Photons Collection (Oct 2011)

Dresses made out of ikea lamps and curtains 禮服做出來的宜家燈和窗簾

Our first collection at Toronto Fashion Week at World MasterCard Fashion Week. 我們的第一個集合在多倫多時裝週在世界萬事達卡時裝週。


DOPS Collection (Nov 2010)

A collection made out of candy wrappers and bus shelter paper 集合所做出來糖果包裝紙和候車亭的紙

An online marketing campaign for Allan Candy's line of DOPS candy. 網上營銷活動的艾倫·糖果的路線DOPS糖果。


Cashmere Collection (August 2012)

A collection made entirely out of bathroom tissue 全部由衛生紙的集合

A collaboration made possible by Kruger INC. 成為可能克魯格INC的合作。


An Emotional Baby Shower (May 2011)

A collection made out of MATTRESSES and pillows


Our first collection at Ottawa Fashion Week shown at the National Art Gallery of Canada and later used with FREED DEVELOPMENT's Fashion House Condos on King and Adelaide St Toronto. Floor 5. 

我們的第一個集合在渥太華時裝週顯示在加拿大國家藝術畫廊和後來與FREED發展的時裝屋公寓房國王和阿德萊德聖多倫多使用。 5樓。


The TOMS Collection (August 2011)

An art project launched with TOMS Toronto


All photographs and design were done by us. 



The Fairchild Collection (August 2013)

A creative director project


New Talent Competition is thrown every year by Fairchild Television in partnership with TVB Hong Kong. 



The Anti Minimalist (December 2012)

Head pieces were made with piping insolation 頭片製作與管道日曬

Shown at the Ottawa Arts Centre. 顯示在渥太華藝術中心。


The Hu-Mannequin Collection (June 2012)

IN collaboration with N-MINUS one and eryn DYlaN協同N-二負一和ERYN DYLAN

The idea stemmed from Christos Marcopoulos where his team developed a chair that absorbs someones smell and is pushed into a mannequin as if you are inhabiting clothing through smell. 從克里斯托Marcopoulos的想法源於他的團隊開發,吸收某人的氣味推到一個人體模型,如果你是通過嗅覺居住衣服的椅子上。


The Lethoso Project Collection (August 2012)

made of 100% authentic African Fabric 由100%正宗的非洲面料

This was a personal collection designed for a personal friend Stephanie Vizi and her Persona Non Grata initiative. 這是一個個人收藏專為私人朋友斯蒂芬妮威姿和她的不受歡迎的人的積極性。


Mayan Collection (May 2011)

a waterproof collection designed with patio furniture fabric. 一個防水系列設計有庭院家具面料。   

Video was in collaboration with Cloud in the Sky studios. 視頻是在天空中的一室公寓,雲協作。


The Interpretation of Dreams Collection (Oct 2010)

Clothing was designed as our first ready to wear


 Shown at the National Gallery of Canada our first showing at Ottawa Fashion Week. 顯示在加拿大我們第一次展出的國家畫廊在渥太華時裝週。


The Princesses Rabbits (Dec 2010)

Designed with real fox and authentic vintage UPHOLSTERY 設計採用真正的狐狸和地道的復古整套沙發

The location was shot at Adrian's god mothers house. Also was shown at the Burlington Convention Centre in collaboration with the Halton Region Chinese Canadian Association. 地點被槍殺在阿德里安的母親神家。同時在與哈爾頓地區中國加拿大協會合作顯示在伯靈頓會議中心。


Mini Minimalist Collection (June 2010)

It was designed to be simple like a john mccracken它的設計是簡單的像約翰· MCCRACKEN    

Online release. 網上發行。


The Boutique Collection (August 2010)

First Line of products launched at our first boutique studio in burlington  產品第一線推出我們的第一家精品店的工作室伯靈頓

Collection was designed pre-mature and found to be not niche enough for the market. Keep in mind that wu was still only 19 at the time. 集合被設計預成熟並發現是不足夠利基為市場。請記住,吳仍只有19日的時間。


The First Collection (Sept 2009)

Dresses were made in a basement and 50 were produced for a successful SUBMISSION to istituto marangoni 禮服作了地下室及50條生產一個成功提交馬蘭戈尼 

This was also the first collection shown at Vancouver Fashion Week at the age of 18 years old. 這也表明,在溫哥華時裝週在18歲的時候第一個集合。